May 27crashbandicootmangoIn response to media reports that some of its stores use expired raw materials and only discard them after the smell is discovered, Mo Yogurt brand releasedcrashbandicootmangoA formal statement of apology. The statement pointed out that the company attached great importance to this matter and quickly established a special audit team to conduct internal verification.

After verification, it was confirmed that the four stores involved in the report seriously violated the food safety concept of Mo Yogurt and failed to perform daily work in accordance with the operation and training standards stipulated by the headquarters. In this regard, Mo Yogurt has immediately taken rectification measures.

crashbandicootmango| Mo Yogurt apologizes: The store involved will close immediately. Use this as a lesson to learn from it, improve the management and training of franchisees, and continue to adhere to the principle of authenticity

Regarding the franchised stores involved, Mo Yogurt headquarters decided to close the stores immediately and terminated the franchise contracts with these stores. In addition, in order to ensure food safety, the Mo Yogurt headquarters plans to conduct a comprehensive and detailed inspection of the storage of ingredients, food expiration dates, and fruit preservation of all stores across the country. At the same time, the company will also implement an online weekly and monthly report verification system, and conduct regular training and assessment for employees.

The statement emphasized that this incident exposed a serious mistake in the store's daily management. Mo Yogurt expressed sincere apology to everyone for this and promised to take practical actions to prevent similar incidents from happening again in order to rebuild consumers 'trust in the brand.

Through this series of measures, Mo Yogurt has demonstrated its serious attitude towards food safety issues and determination to rectify them. It has also reminded the entire industry to attach importance to food safety and protect consumer rights and interests.

Date: 2024-05-27