Morgan Stanley released a research report saying100drawvideopoker, it is expected that the stock price of Gaoxin Retail (06808) will rise in the next 60 days, and the probability of this happening is expected to reach 60% to 70%. The target price is 1100drawvideopoker.6 Hong Kong dollars and is rated "in sync with the market". The food consumer price index (CPI) remains negative, but the composition is changing. In April, pork turned positive year-on-year, while fruits and eggs turned negative. Historically, pork prices have affected Gaoxin Retail same-store sales100drawvideopokerThe impact is even greater, and recently pork prices have been climbing on a weekly basis.

100drawvideopoker| Morgan Stanley: Give Gaoxin Retail a rating target price of HK.6 for "keeping pace with the market"

The report stated that Gaoxin Retail's potential improvement in same-store sales was a key factor driving stock price rise. The company's current share price is around the bank's conservatively estimated net asset value per share (NAV) of 2100drawvideopoker.5 yuan, of which the bank assumed a provision of RMB8 billion needed to close about 200 stores. If its same-store sales improve and profits improve, the bank believes the value it has locked in can be released. Positive signs are that same-store sales fell 6% to 7% from January to March, down 2.8% in April, and up about 6% so far in May. Compared with the 2019 level, the decline in same-store sales in April and May narrowed significantly.

Date: 2024-05-27