Gelonghui May 26| according to incomplete statisticsbestplay2earncryptogamesSince May, 19 listed companies including Yasheng Group, Heshun Petroleum, Yongda, Beiqi Langu, Xinxing Equipment, Micro Guide Nano, Quartz, Times Publishing, Sichuan Energy Power, Hongying Intelligence, George White, Sichuan Gold, Ankang Intelligent, Xinxiangwei, Energy Technology, Maixinlin, Li Ziyuan, and Nopxinhe Yuntu Holdings have announced violations of short-term transactions by relatives of directors, supervisors and Gao. Among them, the short-term trading losses between Yasheng Group and relatives of Heshun Petroleum's directors and supervisors exceeded 10,000 yuanbestplay2earncryptogames; Relatives of directors, supervisors and Gao of six listed companies, including Hongying Intelligence, Quartz, Micro Nano, Sichuan Gold, Beiqi Langu and Xinxiangwei, also suffered losses in short-term transactions, while Energy Technology disclosed that it did not generate any gains.

bestplay2earncryptogames| Nearly 20 listed companies have announced since May that nearly half of them have suffered losses due to illegal short-term transactions by relatives of directors, supervisors and Gao

Date: 2024-05-27