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The price of Anyang Youte Steel Market dropped slightly by 10 yuan on the 27th. Shagang 45 #carbon bonded steel quoted 4080 yuanpokerkit, Lu Li 3940 yuanpokerkit, both fell 10 yuan from the previous day. Companies are cautious about the market prospects, with traders mainly shipping and market expectations fluctuating.

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[The market price of Anyang Youte Steel dropped slightly by 10 yuan/ton]

The latest monitoring situation of the Lange Steel Cloud Commercial Platform shows that on the 27th, among the 45 #carbon steel market quotations, Shagang and Luli's quotations fell to 4080 yuan and 3940 yuan respectively, both down 10 yuan/ton from the previous trading day.

At present, steel companies are facing the dual pressure of meager profits and strong raw material prices, which has resulted in the prices of finished materials remaining high.

Local production companies appear to have insufficient confidence in the future market and have adopted a more cautious strategy in inventory management.

In terms of market transactions, downstream demand in Anyang is weak today. Market participants generally adopt a wait-and-see attitude. Traders predict that the market outlook may be volatile, and currently the main focus is on shipments.

pokerkit| Anyang Youte Steel Market: The price of 45 #carbon steel fell by 10 yuan, with traders mainly shipping

Based on current market psychology and supply and demand conditions, it is expected that the market price of Anyang Excellent Special Steel may continue to show a volatile trend tomorrow.

Date: 2024-05-27