on the evening of May 2530freespins, before the fifth concert of the "FEAR and DREAMS" tour in Hangzhou30freespins, Eason Chan suddenly announced the cancellation of the two performances originally scheduled for the 25th and 26th due to his loss of voice. Subsequently, the organizers issued an official announcement announcing that the two concerts would be postponed to May 27th (Monday) and May 28th (Tuesday) respectively.

However, on the afternoon of May 26, Eason Chan and the organizers of Hangzhou Station spoke again, saying that due to vocal cord problems, the two concerts originally scheduled to be postponed would be "held on an elective basis." That night, after urgent discussions, the organizers announced the postponement of compensation for the two performances of "Eason Chan FEAR and DREAMS World Tour Hangzhou Station".

The compensation announcement explains in detail from four aspects: "hotel accommodation compensation mechanism","hotel accommodation compensation standard","transportation expense compensation mechanism" and "transportation expense compensation standard". According to the announcement, hotel compensation is limited to visitors who purchased a 25-day show. The hotel compensation limit is 800 yuan, and the air ticket compensation limit is 2000 yuan. At the same time, the announcement stipulates June 3 as the deadline for compensation applications.

Despite the organizers 'quick response, some fans still expressed dissatisfaction, especially those who purchased tickets for the 26th show. Some foreign audiences arrived in Hangzhou in advance and checked into hotels in order to watch the performance on the 26th. For this situation, the organizer's compensation plan failed to fully meet the expectations of all viewers.

30freespins| The compensation plan for Eason Chan's concert was announced, netizens were furious: What about the compensation on the 26th?

It can be seen from the comments on the Weibo of Shanghai Shengfeng Culture and Performing Arts Co., Ltd. that some fans believe that the organizers default that the audience on the 25th has arrived at the scene, but the audience on the 26th has not yet arrived, so they only need to bear the refund and change fees. But the actual situation is that many spectators who purchased tickets for the 26th have arrived in Hangzhou over the weekend. The organizer's plan still needs to be improved for the compensation of these spectators.

Date: 2024-05-27
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