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videopokerharrah's| PricewaterhouseCoopers Wang Liang: Products, groups and cluster brands work together to create a new pattern of Guizhou liquor brands

"Shouzheng, innovation and co-protection of Guizhou liquor brands, intellectual cohesion to expand superior industrial clusters". From May 26 to 27, the 2024 round table on the development of Guizhou liquor enterprises was held in Maotai International Hotel. as an important annual meeting to examine and plan the development of Guizhou liquor industry, Guizhou Liquor Enterprise Development Roundtable attracted much attention from the industry.

At the "Liquor Industry Exchange reception" held on the afternoon of May 26, Wang Liang, Director of Brand and Marketing Consulting of PricewaterhouseCoopers

Take "trinity, point, line and surface work together to create a new pattern of Guizhou liquor brand development" as the theme to share.

Wang Liang pointed out that at present, the liquor industry is in a new stage of development, the industry presents a number of new trends, brands are facing a number of new challenges. Specifically, the liquor industry is showing the trend of consumption differentiation, channel transformation, structural adjustment, intensified competition and so on.

Intergenerational replacement of consumers: the younger generation of consumers have become the main force of new liquor consumption, and more than half of liquor consumers are post-85. It is necessary to reshape the mental definition of liquor to young people.

Channel motivation stimulation: under the background of the continuous optimization and integration of offline channels and dealer system, the permeability of online channels continues to rise and new sales models emerge, giving impetus to the innovation of liquor channels.

Industry structure adjustment: through the problems of price upside down and channel de-inventory, the industry will continue to adjust deeply to solve the conflicts between economy and market, market and supply and demand, supply and demand and production capacity.

Competition in producing areas intensifies: the path and trend of the transition of liquor industry from category to producing areas is more clear, and industrial clustering is becoming increasingly prominent, so it is necessary to play the role of ballast stone and stability in superior producing areas.

Under these new trends, Wang Liang believes that from the goal of creating a new pattern of Guizhou liquor brand development, there are three core issues: how to renovate and upgrade product brands? How to tamp the base of brand management and cooperate with brand combination? How to shape the regional cluster brand and enhance the integration advantage?

In view of the above problems, Wang Liang puts forward suggestions from three aspects of the point, line and surface of the brand.

At the product brand level, in view of the trend of "high-end, scene, youth and short chain" in the industry, it is suggested to start with "lifestyle brand", which can be carried out through six steps: determining the target group of the brand; accurate and clear brand positioning; put forward the big vision of the brand; build the life scene of the brand; form the brand product series planning; strengthen brand awareness.

At the group brand level, he believes that with more and more diversified businesses and products, the head liquor enterprises are increasingly adopting collectivized operation; the group brand still has a long way to go in unleashing the potential of portfolio coordination, supporting international development and building a sustainable brand. It is suggested that the group enterprises should develop the group brand management system that matches the market position and brand status, construct the brand management strategy based on brand role, and create a group brand management system with one kind of one strategy, orderly control and strong cooperation.

At the level of cluster brand, he believes that cluster brand, which symbolizes the history and current situation of the industrial cluster, is not only the representative of regional industry, but also the "social card" of regional development; successful regional brands must undertake the important task of increasing employment and promoting local economic development.

He pointed out that Guizhou liquor regional cluster brands are currently facing three major challenges: the contradiction between category focus and multiple selection, the weak strength in the middle of the brand echelon and the coordination mechanism among cluster brands to be improved.

For this reason, he suggested that in order to carry out the systematic shaping of the cluster brand, we can create a regional liquor cluster brand with distinctive features, strong competitiveness and good market reputation through the three aspects of "shaping cognition, building platform and strong operation".

In the aspect of plastic cognition, the value system definition of regional cluster brand is carried out, including distinct positioning, value proposition, value pillar, brand characteristics, building cluster brand IP, deepening the integration of wine and travel, etc., to gather common understanding internally and shape unified cognition externally.

In the aspect of setting up the platform, we should break the situation of each brand fighting on its own, coordinate the echelon construction of regional brands, promote ecological interconnection and resource sharing, and gradually consolidate the aggregation effect of liquor brands.

In terms of strong operation, the transformation of strategy into action requires a strong operation mechanism, which can be carried out from the brand life cycle to carry out systematic management empowerment, starting with organizational construction and standard traction to promote cluster brand construction.

Date: 2024-05-27
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