A total of 1 transaction occurred on the block trading platform of Sinosoft on May 21, with a total transaction volume of 35onlinepokerrankings.0 million shares, with a transaction amount of 6.2335 million yuan. The average transaction price was 17.81 yuan, a 9.13% discount to today's closing price.

A list of ChinaSoft's block transactions on May 21

onlinepokerrankings| Zhongkesoft's bulk transaction transaction at a discount of 35,000 shares

Trading volume (ten thousand shares) Trading amount (ten thousand yuan) Transaction price (yuan) Buyer's business department Seller's business department 35.00 623.35 17.81 CITIC Construction Investment Co., Ltd. Beijing Zhichun Road Securities Business Department China Merchants Securities (600999) Co., Ltd. Beijing Jinghui Street Securities Business Department (The above content is completed by a differential machine by a self-selected stock writer. It is only used as a reference for users to watch the market and cannot be used as an operation basis.) Risk warning: The above content is only used as an author or guestonlinepokerrankingsOur views do not represent any position of Hexun and do not constitute any investment advice related to Hexun. Before making any investment decision, investors should consider the risk factors related to investment products based on their own circumstances and consult professional investment advisers when necessary. Hexun strives but cannot confirm the authenticity, accuracy and originality of the above content, and Hexun makes no guarantee or commitment in this regard.
Date: 2024-05-21
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