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Xinhua Insurance announced that it will follow up with the policy of "multiple dividends a year" and plans to implement interim dividend distribution in the semi-annual period of 2024. This move is in response to the new "National Nine Articles" and indicates an increasing trend in the frequency of dividends among A-share listed insurance companies. The total interim dividend will not exceed 30% of the semi-annual net profit, which is expected to boost market confidence and enhance investors 'enthusiasm for allocating the insurance sector.

pokernights| Xinhua Insurance: The 2024 interim dividend distribution plan will be launched, and the dividend ratio will not exceed 30%

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[Xinhua Insurance plans to implement 2024 interim dividend distribution]

Xinhua Insurance recently announced that it will implement interim dividend distribution in the semi-annual 2024, provided that there are available profits for distribution. This move is in response to the State Council's new "National Nine Articles" policy on enhancing the stability of cash dividends for listed companies.

According to Xinhua Insurance's announcement, the total interim dividend will not exceed 30% of the company's net profit attributable to shareholders of the parent company for the half-year of 2024. This decision has been unanimously approved by the board of directors, and a specific distribution plan will be formulated based on the resolutions of the shareholders 'meeting.

Analysts pointed out that this action by Xinhua Insurance not only reflects a positive response to national policies, but also demonstrates the company's operating strength and may drive itspokernightsOther insurance companies followed up and increased the frequency of dividends.

Cash dividends are regarded as the best way to repay shareholders. Especially for listed insurance companies, increasing cash dividends will help enhance investor confidence. In 2023, the five major A-share listed insurance companies will plan a total of approximately 75.5 billion yuan in cash dividends, showing the stability and sustainability of the dividend policy.

Gong Xingfeng, vice president of Xinhua Insurance, said at a recent performance meeting that the company will comprehensively consider operating conditions, investment environment and shareholder returns to study the feasibility of increasing semi-annual dividends. The move is expected to further enhance investor confidence in the insurance sector and drive stock prices higher.

Experts believe that insurance companies 'strengthening of dividend distribution can not only increase investors' enthusiasm for allocation, but also enhance their confidence in long-term capital, making it more attractive to small and medium shareholders with low risk appetite. As the market recognizes the advantages of insurance companies 'stocks, the valuation level of the entire industry sector is expected to increase.

Recently, insurance stocks have performed strongly amid multiple positive conditions. Xinhua Insurance's dividend plan is expected to further boost market confidence in the insurance sector, promote valuation repair, and promote continued stock price rise.

Date: 2024-05-27